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grammaire's Journal

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"Life is nothing if you're not obsessed."
30 rock, andrew bird, anything on hbo, arcade fire, arrested development, avett brothers, barbara stanwyck, bette davis, between two ferns, big fish, bill murray, billie holiday, bjork, blondie, bob dylan, capote, carrie fisher, cat stevens, catch-22, catherine o'hara, cbc radio, charles chaplin, cinema, city of new york, classic snl, coen brothers, colin firth, comedians, comedy, crazy laughs, culture studies, curb your enthusiasm, cyndi lauper, dancing, david lynch, days of heaven, devotchka, divine decadence, dolly parton, don rickles, edith piaf, ella fitzgerald, ennio morricone, extras, fdr, fellini, film, film history, film studies, fiona apple, folk, freaks and geeks, geoffrey rush, giulietta masina, goodfellas, grey gardens, groucho marx, harold & maude, harry nilsson, hbo, history, inane trivia, italiano, jay-z, jazz, jessica lange, joan baez, john hughes, john waters, johnny cash, jon brion, judy garland, kathy griffin, kids in the hall, lady gaga, lauryn hill, letterman, lily tomlin, literature, little edie, liza minnelli, louis armstrong, mad men, madeline kahn, marilyn monroe, marion cotillard, marlene dietrich, martin scorsese, meryl streep, mickey rourke, mike nichols, movie quotes, movies, music, music for alcoholics, musicals, neil young, nina simone, old fashions, old hollywood, ontd, paul simon (and garfunkel), paul thomas anderson, philip seymour hoffman, popular culture, quentin tarantino, ratatat, reading, reno 911!, richard avedon photography, rms titanic, san francisco, sctv, sedaris siblings, seinfeld, shirley maclaine, showalter showalter, sigur ros, sleep, socialism, some like it hot, soundtracks, steve buscemi, strangers with candy, terrence malick, the b-52's, the big lebowski, the marx brothers, the rolling stones, the rosenbergs, the secret garden, the smiths, the sopranos, the wizard of oz, the wrestler, thomas newman, tim and eric, tina fey, tony bennett, tracy jordan, twin peaks, van morrison, vancouver canucks, vincente minnelli, waiting for guffman, water, wilco, woody allen, yeah yeah yeahs, zach galifianakis

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